Health Insurance:

Health Care Reform can be a gathering storm of uncertainty for your business…or an opportunity. Let us guide you through the uncertainty.

The Patient Protections and Afforded Care Act is a complex law that will take experience to navigate. For over fifteen years, Paradigm Risk Management Ltd Co has focused on providing insurance solutions to small businesses that balance cost, plan design and benefits. We can help you navigate the uncertainty of changing laws to turn threat into opportunity.

Paradigm Risk Management Ltd Co is a full-service insurance broker. Our job is to provide information and clarity allowing you to feel confident about your choices. Because you are not tied to any one insurance provider, we can find the best plans for you. We won’t try to fit you into some company’s one-size-fits-all solution. We would be honored to serve you.

Life Insurance:

The primary purpose for Life insurance is to provide for your family or business should something happen to you. What type and how much life insurance you need and can afford is the challenge that Paradigm Risk Management Ltd Co will assist you with. We work with a wide variety of providers to match your needs, health conditions and ultimate goals to provide you with the best possible solution.


Ancillary products provide additional coverage options for individuals or companies. Companies can choose either company-paid or voluntary, which allows them to provide a well-rounded benefit package.